Thursday, August 23, 2012

Always the Same Age

My sister-in-law, Eva, is celebrating her birthday today. Isn't she lovely?

From her I think I've learned how to stay young - or at least look the same age for many years: have a sister-in-law (me!) who doesn't take photographs at every family get-together. (I take my camera, then forget to pull it out. Some family historian, huh?) One never ages if the photograph stays the same.

This photograph was taken 11 years ago but if I were to take a photograph today, I believe Eva would look just about the same. She just doesn't age!

Eva is interested in family history, too. The last time I visited she showed me some star quilt blocks that one of her ancestors had made. She was trying to decide what to do with them and how to present them to their best advantage -- whether to turn them into a quilt or do something with each individual star. I was quite taken with the two at left, one with its decorative heart motif and the other with the little boy in short pants. Aren't they fun?

Happy Birthday, Eva! I hope you had a grand and memorable birthday!

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