Friday, November 2, 2012

Our American Family, A Family History Program

Our American Family is a new program which hopes to capture and document the voices of American families from 1900 to 1950, one family at a time. It also seeks to "inspire viewers to capture their own family stories - before those voices are gone."  (Click to enlarge the image below or go to the website.)

Below you can watch a brief description of Our American Family.  If you like what you see, contact your local PBS station and ask them to broadcast it in your area.  At the Our American Family website you can see more video excerpts.

Would you and your family like to participate?  Our American Family says, "We are seeking families to add to the Our American Family tapestry.  We encourage you to review our documentary qualification requirements and if your family qualifies, to submit an online application."  Find out more at the website.

I was excited to learn that the program will be broadcast on our local PBS station, WOSU, on December 18, 2012.  I hope it comes to a station near you!
--Nancy. .

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  1. I have to check and see if it will be aired here too. I'd love to see it.


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