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Documents for Christian Gerner (the Younger)

Christian was the topic of another post (and has been in several posts about his family).  I posted the image for his marriage record but did not transcribe it, and since his death certificate just recently arrived, this is the first time I've had the opportunity to post it.  Marriage before death.

No. 3895
Christian Gerner born in Clarion Co. Penna on the 12th day of July A. D. 1854, residing at Washington Washington Co. Penna occupation Driller not related by blood or marriage to the person whom he desires to marry has not been married before

Amanda Daubenspeck born in Armstrong Co Pa on the 16th day of May A. D. 1858, residing at Clarion County Pa .... has not been married before

Marriage License issued Oct. 22 1886....
Married October 22, 1886
By Rev. D. Jones    Duplicate certificate returned Nov 11th 1886

State of California
Department of Public Health
Vital Statistics
Standard Certificate of Death

  1.  Place of Death:  Dist. No. 3002     Local Registered No. 63
       County of Orange
       City... of Anaheim   Street and No. 525 E. Adele
  2.  Full Name  Christian Gerner
       Residence:  No. 525 E. Adele
  3.  Sex Male
  4.  Color or Race  White
  5.  Single, Married....  Married
5A.  If Married... name of husband or wife  Amanda J. Gerner
  6.  Date of Birth   June 12 1854
  7.  Age  81 yr.  3 Mo.  27 Days
  8.  Trade, profession...  Oil Worker
  9.  Industry or business...  [blank]
10.  Date deceased last worked at this occupation   1918
11.  Total Years spent in this occupation   43
12.  Birthplace (city or town)  Clarion County
       State or Country  Pennsylvania
13.  Name   Christian Gerner
14.  Birthplace (city or town)  [blank]
       State or country   Germany
15.  Maiden Name   Mary Stahl
16.  Birthplace (city or town)   [blank]
       State or country   Germany
17.  Length of residence
       A.  City, town, etc.   16 yrs
       B.  In California  22 yrs
       C.  In U.S.... [blank]
18.  Informant   ML Gerner
       Address  Anaheim Calif
19.  Burial, Creamation....   Entombment
       Place   Melrose Abbey, Orange     Date   10-11-35
20.  Embalmer   License No.  1688.  Signature  J. Ben Kaulbars [not a signature]
       Funeral Directors   Backs-Teery & Campbell
       Address  Anaheim, Calif
21.  Filed   Oct 11 1935
       KH Sutherland, MD
       Charles E Griffith Dep Local Registrar
22.  Date of Death   October 9, 1935
23.  Medical Certificate of Death
       I hereby Certify, that I attended deceased from Sept 27 to Oct 9 '35; that I last
       saw him alive on Oct 9 '35 and that death occurred on the above stated date at
       the hour of 3 P.M.
       The principal cause of death and related causes of importance in order of onset,
       were as follows:
       Cerebral Degeneration     Date of onset 1930
       Other contributory causes of importance:
       Arteriosclerosis                 Date of onset  1925
       Empyema                           Date of onset   9/1935
24.  Coroner's Certificate of Death   [blank]
25.  If death was due to external causes ...  [blank]
26.  If disease/injury related ...  [blank]
27.  Signature   J W Truxaw [not a signature]
       Address   Anaheim , Calif.
28.  When required by Law   [blank]

State of California County of Orange SS.
Certified Copy of Vital Records
Date Issued  Jun 26 2013 [rubber stamped]
Hugh Nguyen Clerk-Recorder Orange County, California
This a true and exact reproduction of the document officially registered and placed on file in the office of the Orange County Clerk-Recorder.

  • The marriage record gives Christian's birth date as July 12, 1854; the death certificate gives it as June 12, 1854.  At least the year is the same.
  • Is the death certificate a photocopy of the actual death certificate or a court transcription?  I wonder because there are no signatures.  However, the font and placement of the typing on the death certificate make me think it IS a copy of the original.  If it were computer generated, they could do (and I think they would have done) a better job of aligning words on the lines and within the boxes.
  • Empyema is a collection of pus in an already existing body cavity.  It seems that it most commonly affects the lungs.
  • What did "cerebral degeneration" mean in 1935?  Was it senility?  Was it a precursor of Alzheimer's disease?  These days it seems to be an umbrella term that includes Alzheimer's, hydrocephalus, Reye's syndrome, as well as some other diseases.  


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