Saturday, March 15, 2014

Daniel and Cora Bickerstaff - Sibling Saturday

Daniel Bickerstaff was the fourth child and third son of Edward Jesse and Mary (Thompson) Bickerstaff.  He was born in 1897.  He married, divorced, and never remarried. 

Cora (or Cory, as I knew her) was the ninth child (the youngest) and fourth daughter of Edward Jesse and Mary Bickerstaff.  She was born in 1911.  She never married. 

In later life, after their parents were both gone, they lived together in a small house near the end of our street.  When I was a young child I thought they were married.

This photo was taken sometime between 1941 and 1945.



  1. Ha Ha -- yeah, typical child's view of how the world works to think a man and woman living together must be husband and wife. That's cute.

    1. Yeh, and in those days and in our community, men and women who lived together WERE married -- unless they were siblings!


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