Friday, January 23, 2015

Chili Sauce, Pepper Relish - Family Recipe Friday

If the recipes in this collection from my grandmother's Webster's Spelling Book are any indication, she preserved the produce from her garden in a healthy variety of ways beyond the solitary vegetables of corn, green beans, etc.  Other recipes in the book include Tomato Catsup, Quince Honey, Mixed Pickles, and Sweet Pickles.

Sealing jars of jellies and jams with paraffin was a common practice through the 1980s but I had not realized it was used to seal relishes, too.  These days we wonder at the safety of it but I don't know a single person who died or became ill from home-canned goods sealed with paraffin. 

Chili Sauce.
12 tomatoes
1 onion    1 pepper
1 cup brown sugar
put in bag 2 teasp. cinamon [sic]
2 Teaspoon nutmeg
2      "          allspice
2      "          cloves
cook to desired thickness

Pepper Relish
12 red peppers
 "  green  "
6 large onions
Pour boiling water over
and let stand 15 min.
drain and bring to
a boil with cold water
and drain again  boil
vinegar, sugar, salt 5
min.  pour [??] and
let stand untill [sic] cool
and then bottle
2 cups sugar, 1 table salt
1 quart vinegar
[new page]
Remove and bottle at once.  Seal air-tight with paraffain wax.

Image of woman at canning table, above, from Home Canning and Drying of Vegetables and Fruits, courtesy of Internet Archive Book Images.


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  1. my grandmother used paraffin wax on her jams, I think that is a no-no when it comes to food preservation today.


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