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William Doyle - 52 Ancestors, Amenuensis Monday

William Doyle was my father's paternal grandfather.  Family legend has it that he was born in Bedlinton, Northumberland, England.  I've been unable to find "Bedlinton" but there is a "Bedlington" in that county.  I hope further research will reveal more details about the location of his birth.  In fact, several of the locations seem to be written-as-pronounced, making it harder to tell exactly where the location is. "Wallend" could be "Wallsend" but searches for "Yousin Square" have led nowhere.

Neither William nor his parents, Andrew and Elizabeth (Laws) Doyle, appear in a British census as a couple or as a family.  Andrew and Elizabeth married in November, 1861, thereby missing the census by a few months.  William was born in 1863 and the family emigrated to the United States in 1869, thereby missing the 1871 census by a few years.  I hope church records will help me confirm the place of birth and/or baptism.

This comes from the Pennsylvania Death Certificate collection on

Commonwealth of Pennyslvania
Department of Health
Bureau of Vital Statistics
File No. 40086

1. Place of Death:  Mercer Cottage Hospital, Findley Township, Mercer County; length of stay 20 days
2. Full Name:  William Doyle
3. No Social Security
4. Male
5. White
6. Widowed, wife was Rose Thressa [sic]
7. Born March 3, 1863
8. Age:  78 years, 1 month, 25 days
9. Born England - Bedlinton [sic]
10. Retired
11. Farmer
12: Father:  Andrew Doyle
13. Father born Wallend, England
14. Mother:  Elizabeth Laws
15: Mother born Yousin Square, England
16. Informant:   Evelyn McClelland, Lyle Drive, Sharon, PA.
17. Burial April 30, 1941, Oak Hill Cemetery
18. Funeral Director Yeager & Taylor, Stoneboro, Pa.
19. Date & Registrar:  April 29, 1941, Lola C. Eastlick
20. Date of Death:  April 28, 1941, 2:25 A.M.
21. Physician attended deceased from April 8, 1941 to April 29, 1941 and last saw him alive on April 28, 1941. Immediate cause of death: chronic valvular heart disease with decompensation.
22. [blank]
23. L. M. English, house doctor, Mercer Cottage Hospital. 4-28-1941

This is a post for 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks, created and hosted by Amy Johnson Crow at No Story Too Small.  Thanks, Amy.


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  1. There are a lot of English folks at Sepia Saturday. Maybe they can help you with "Yousin Square."

    1. Hi, Wendy. Thanks for that suggestion. I might ask the "Sepians." Do you know if any of them are from Northumberland? I don't recall that any are but I haven't actively participated in the group for a year or so, so there may be new members who are.

      I probably have too high an estimation of google's abilities but I would think that google would find it if it could be found. I can put in only a street name and see the cities that have streets by that name. My guess is that "Yousin" is either a misspelling or phonetic spelling.


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