Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Alfonzo Gerner - Tombstone Tuesday

Alfonzo / Alphonzo Gerner

Alphonzo Gerner
Husband of
Elva W. Covert
1874  ---  1952

Alfonzo is buried in Bear Creek Cemetery, Butler County, Pennsylvania.

Alfonzo has, perhaps, more given name variations than most people have surname variations.  They include Alfonzo, Alphonzo, Alphonso, Fon, Fawn, and possibly more I haven't remembered.

Thanks to Zachary Pyle for the photograph.



  1. With other people spelling people's names, you can make quite a collection. Sometimes it's hard to know what was intended. You can't even always count on the tombstone!

    1. It's true. Sometimes it seems like any spelling was acceptable as long as it was close enough to identify the person. We're so careful about being accurate these days and some of our ancestors just make it hard.


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