Monday, February 1, 2016

February Birthdays and Marriages Among My Relatives and Ancestors

While preparing this list of birthdays and marriages of family members and ancestors across several generations, I've been thinking about celebrations that may have taken place for the births, birthdays, marriages, and anniversaries.  I try to imagine them but fail.  How I wish for a glimpse into times past.

Living Family Members
February 26   Elaine W.

Foremothers and Forefathers
February   8, 1892   William Carl Robert (Bob) Meinzen
February 14, 1807   William Bickerstaff
February 27, 1913   Lee Doyle
February 27, 1913   Leila Doyle (1913-1913)

Among My Collateral Lines
February   1, 1907    Edna Vandegrift or Vandergrift
February   2, 1893    Edward Morris
February   2, 1928    Marcella Gerner
February   7, 1893    Sudie Jane Coss
February   9, 1910    John F. Froman and Rebecca Lynch
February 11, 1900    Margaret H. Meinzen
February 13, 1875    Hannah Elizabeth Meinzen
February 14, 1859    Peter Armitage
February 14, 1914    Veronica June Meinzen
February 15, 1856    Joseph Laws
February 17, 1878    Benjamin Robert Hashman
February 17, 1879    Della Virginia Gerner
February 18, 1902    Sarah Meinzen
February 18, 1942    William D. and Doris M.
February 23, 1878    Rachel Ann Thompson
February 26, 1866    Douglas S. Bell
February 27, 1915    Charles Fredrick Gerner
February 28, 1911    Cora Elizabeth (Cory) Bickerstaff

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, dear ancestors!


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