Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Celebrations Among Relatives and Ancestors

I'm highlighting March birthdays and wedding anniversaries of living family members, my foreparents, and those among my collateral lines.

Of the celebrants below who are no longer living, I knew none of my foreparents, and among the collateral relatives, I knew one of the couples and four other individuals (though I can't remember one of them).  It's interesting to live in a small town where a good many of the others who live there are related in one way or another, and yet not know all of them.

Living Family Members
March   9, 1945   David W. D.
March 24, 2001   Jamie E. and Heather D.
March 30, 2008   Lina P.

Foremothers and Forefathers
March   3, 1863   William Doyle, my paternal great-grandfather
March   4, 1830   William Bickerstaff and Susanna Holmes
March 15, 1891   Edward Jesse Bickerstaff and Mary Thompson
March 17, 1885   William Doyle and Tressa Rose Froman

Among My Collateral Lines
March   2, 1863   Isabelle Armitage
March   3, 1869   Jacob B. Armitage
March   4, 1853   Martha Jane Thompson
March   5, 1879   Edward J. C. F. Meinzen
March   5, 1914   John N Gerner and Carrie Mack
March   6, 1848   Alexander Bell
March   7, 1917   Robert J. Bickerstaff
March 13, 1879   Isabell Doyle
March 18, 1880   John Crooks and Laura Bell
March 22, 1835   Robert Laws, Jr.
March 23, 1849   William Laws
March 23, 1881   Ida Doyle
March 24, 1916   Dorothy Justine Clemmens
March 26, 1876   Cruson/Crusin/Crewson Bell and Mary E. Crooks
March 27, 1904   Lucile L. Hepler
March 27, 1907   John Harrison Hendricks and Hannah Elizabeth Meinzen
March 27, 1918   Thomas Edward Morris
March 29, 1926   William Edward Doyle
March 31, 1842   George Laws
March 31, 1899   Mary Ellen (Mayme or Mame) Bickerstaff

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary!


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