Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June Celebrations Among Relatives and Ancestors

June already!  How time flies.

This month I'm celebrating the births of my sweet daughter, one of my dear grandsons, as well as a cousin.  Happy Birthday!

This is also the month my mom was born.  She shares a birthday with my father's paternal grandmother's mother.  (Did you follow that?)  My mom would not have known Catherine Saylor Froman but my father lived in the same community as she did and was 15 when she died.  How I wish he'd talked about her.

Living Family Members
June 12    Malachi Michael D.
June 18    Dolly M.
June 19    Brenna M.

Foremothers and Forefathers
June  5, 1915    Audrey Victoria Meinzen, my mom
June  5, 1844    Catherine Saylor, a paternal grandmother

Among My Collateral Lines
June   1, 1899    Ray E. Davis
June   1, 1924    Bessie Louise Gerner
June   3, 1922    Glen L. (Moe) Morris
June   5, 1873    Lulu M. Smith
June   6, 1882    Frank B. Riss
June   8, 1908    Leonard Miller Fair
June 15, 1927    Margie J. Bickerstaff
June 17, 1849    Elizabeth R. Thompson
June 17, 1884    Bessie Leota Gerner
June 17, 1887    Fred Doyle
June 20, 1862    Laura Bell
June 20, 1897    Ethel M. Knox
June 21, 1838    Margaret Laws
June 23, 1894    Netta or Meta Mildred Gerner
June 24, 1882    Ella Knapp
June 24, 1903    Edward G. Gerner and Ella Knapp
June 26, 1898    John H. Froman
June 26, 1905    Lydia Ann Troyer
June 26, 1913    Chauncey Edward Leathers and Emma Doyle
June 28, 1906    Walter Meinzen and Nellie Elizabeth Leonhart
June 29, 1917    Edward Morris and Mary Ellen Bickerstaff

Happy Birthday, Happy Annniversary.


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  1. Wow June is a big month in your ancestry! Happy birthday to your daughter and grandson!

    1. June does seem to be a big month, Michelle. I was looking at the dates for the whole year last night and trying to decide which was the biggest month. It was too late to count so I still don't know. Thank you for the birthday wishes for my daughter and grandson. I'll pass them one.


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