Friday, July 1, 2016

July Celebrations Among My Relatives and Ancestors

Another month!  It seems like I posted the June birthdays and anniversaries just a few days ago.  How fast time goes these days!

July 6 is a record day among my relatives.  My grandmother was born that day and a few decades later my sister's twins were born.  And there are two other more distant relatives who were born on July 6.  July 10 is a big day for my brother and his wife, and for my brother-in-law.  And my aunt was born on the 19th.  Happy Days!

I wonder what it was like to have a July baby in the days before washing machines and dryers.  Think of the mounds of diapers, all washed by hand and hung in the sun to dry.  Work!  Because they didn't know about these labor-saving devices I know they took it all in stride.  Not that I have diapers to wash these days, but thinking of laundry in general and  how easy I have it makes me feel pampered.

Living Relatives
July   6   Holly S.
July   6   Jeffrey P.
July 10   Chuck P.
July 10   Bob and Eva
July 18   Ian D.
July 19   Doris D.
July 25   Seth D.
July 28   Jacob E.

July   6, 1893   Emma Virginia Bickerstaff, my maternal grandmother
July 24, 1872   Frederick K. Gerner and Elvira Bartley, my father's maternal grandparents
July 25, 1837   Henry Carl Meinzen, my mother's paternal grandfather
July 27, 1848   Jacob Thompson and Mary Richardson, my third great-grandparents

Among My Collateral Lines
July   1, 1873   Joseph A. Bickerstaff
July   2, 1920   Arnold L. Shotts
July   3, 1907   Evelyn Lengauer Leathers
July   4, 1893   Carrie Mack
July   4, 1923   Edward Calvin Bickerstaff
July   5, 1905   John Lengauer and Emma Doyle
July   6, 1921   Richard E. Davis
July   6, 1934   William Leroy (Butch) Schwab
July 10, 1890   Warren Franklin Gerner
July 11, 1906   William R. Henderson and Bertha Meinzen
July 11, 1907   Russell Sage Pugh
July 12, 1854   Christian Gerner
July 13, 1871   Margaret Doyle
July 13, 1893   Lucy M VanKirk
July 16, 1877   Edward G. Gerner
July 16, 1911   Helen M. Bickerstaff
July 19, 1916   Junior D. Gerner
July 25, 1858   John Laws
July 25, 1874   Alonzo J. Gerner
July 25, 1874   Alfonzo F. Gerner
July 28, 1902   Lina Proud
July 29, 1939   Joseph D. Candle
July 31, 1914   Sidney Eugene Harris

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, dear relatives.


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