Friday, November 11, 2016

Thanking Veterans

With a grateful heart I thank not only the veterans in my family but all veterans.  Without their service our lives would be much different.

I sometimes wonder if the burden of soldiers in and returning from active duty is greater than we realize.  They sacrifice time away from family, friends, and regular civilian life.  They return with images of war and loss burned into memory.  And sometimes they live the rest of their lives with mental and physical losses and/or medical challenges.  The words "thank you" seem so little for the gifts and sacrifices our veterans give us.

In past years I've highlighted the very few direct ancestors who served and returned from wars.  Today I was thinking more broadly and realized that many family members have served in the armed forces.  In no particular order, they are
  • Ellis Bickerstaff
  • Augustine Bickerstaff
  • Enos Bickerstaff
  • Andrew Bickerstaff
  • Edward Bickerstaff
  • Richard E. Davis
  • William Dray
  • Darlene Todd
  • David Dray

Thank you to these family members and to all who serve now and have served.


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