Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Alternate Spelling Finder -Tuesday's Tip

In my early days as a family historian I expected that each family surname would be spelled exactly the same way on every document.  And then I learned about spelling variations.  Lots and lots of variations.  Still, some ancestors elude me.  Maybe there's another spelling variation I should try.

Datayze's Alternate Spelling Finder to the rescue.  Or, at least, maybe it will help.

This tool gives a broad range of variations, some of which may be more useful than others.  some strange variations but it's also given me some that hadn't occurred to me.

Type in the surname (or any word, for that matter) and press enter on your keyboard.  VoilĂ .  More variations than you might have known were possible.  Of course, some are more likely to have occurred in records than others.

These are variations for some of my surnames.






Maybe it will be a helpful resource.



  1. Very cool resource, thank you for sharing.

    1. You're welcome, Amberly. For my surnames I thought some variations were probably not ones I would see in old documents, but others were quite possible. I hope it's helpful to you.


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