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The Ancestral Places Geneameme

The Ancestral Places Geneameme
Alona Tester of LoneTester has created a geneameme for family historians:  The Ancestral Places Geneameme.  Can we find a location associated with our ancestors' lives for every letter of the alphabet?  Alona writes,
Name the letter, followed by the place (town/parish/county/state/or country), and the surname/s associated with that place.  I'll be surprised if anyone can list places for all A-Z, but you never now.  And if you want to double up on letters, that's not a problem, go right ahead....

Here's my list (with multiples edited out):

A  Allegheny County, Pennsylvania  (Bickerstaff)
B  Bear Creek, Butler, Pennsylvania  (Bartley, Gerner, Smith)
C  Cross Creek Township, Jefferson, Ohio  (Thompson)
D  Dumright, Creek, Oklahoma  (Gerner)
E  Evansville, Trumbull, Ohio  (Doyle, Meinzen)
F  Fairview, Mercer, Pennsylvania  (Gerner)
G  Georges Run, Jefferson, Ohio  (Bell)
H  Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England  (Hartley)
I   Illinois  (Nelson)
J  Jefferson County, Ohio  (Armitage, Bell, Bickerstaff, Meinzen, Richardson, Thompson)
L  Lake Township, Mercer, Pennsylvania  (Saylor)
M  Mingo Junction, Jefferson, Ohio  (Bickerstaff, Thompson)
N  Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, England  (Doyle, Laws)
O  Orangeville, Mercer, Pennsylvania  (Froman)
P  Pymatuning Township, Mercer, Pennsylvania  (Froman, Saylor)
R  Rocky River, Cuyahoga, Ohio  (Meinzen/Dray)
S  Stoneboro, Mercer, Pennsylvania (Doyle, Gerner, Froman)
T  Tuscarawas County, Ohio  (Bickerstaff, Holmes marriage)
V  Venango County, Pennsylvania  (Bartley, Gerner marriage in Sugar Creek)
W  Wallsend, Northumberland, England  (Doyle)
Y  Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio  (Bickerstaff)

No matter how I tried to skew it -- using city, township, county, state, country, or any other location -- I could not find places associated beginning with K, Q, U, X, or Z.  Maybe after more research.

Have you made a list of locations for your ancestors?


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