Tuesday, September 5, 2017

England Census Dates

If you're like me, you like to know the day/month/year dates when adding census records to your genealogy program.  These are the U. K. Census Dates from 1841 to 1931.  Every census date is a Sunday.

1841 Census     June 6, 1841
1851 Census     March 30, 1851
1861 Census     April 7, 1861
1871 Census     April 2, 1871
1881 Census     April 3, 1881
1891 Census     April 5, 1891
1901 Census     March 31, 1901
1911 Census     April 2, 1911
1921 Census     June 19, 1921
1931 Census     April 26, 1931

It's true that the census may not have been taken on that date but information in the census was to have been reported for that date.  And since the U.K. census records I've looked at recently have not had dates, I'll use the ones above when adding census information to my genealogy program.


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