Thursday, November 2, 2017

William Doyle & Martha Reay's 1825 Marriage Record: I Had Hoped for More

William Doyle and Martha Reay are my third great-grandparents.  I hope it doesn't sound greedy that I wanted more information from this marriage record.  I'm grateful to have found this much but I had hoped that the names of the bride's and groom's parents would have been recorded.  Their birth dates would have been good, too.  Other than family information this is my only information about William Doyle and my only document for him.  But I'll be happy for what I find and keep searching for more.

Page 197.
Marriages solemnized in the Parish of Walls End
in the County of Northumberland in the Year 1825
William Doyle of this Parish
and Martha Reay of this Parish
were married in this Church by Banns with Consent of
[blank] this Third Day of
May, in the Year One thousand eight hundred and Twenty five.
By me Geo. Jackson, Minister
This Marriage was solemnized between us William Doyle his x mark
                                                               Martha Reay now Doyle her X mark
In the Presence of Joseph Morow
                            James Jamson
No. 589
What this image doesn't tell you is that this marriage was performed in St. Peter's Church in Wallsend, Northumberland.  May 3, 1825, was a Tuesday.

The image comes from St. Peter's Church register, Marriages, 1813-1830.  This record was found on digitized, online images of FHL Microfilm #993,567, available at my local Family History Center.

See images and history of St. Peter's Church at Wikipedia.

 Onward to continue my search for William Doyle in other records.


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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Kathy. Now that you point it out I see that it looks very much like Morow. I appreciate the help.

  2. Oh, Nancy, I'm confident you'll get back to the next generation. Loved the Wikipedia article and photos of the church.

    1. Thank you for your confidence, Barbara. It looks pretty uncertain at the moment but I hope some document comes to light that gives me that information. I liked the Wikipedia article, too. It's always a delight to see photographs of places where my ancestors walked, married, lived....

  3. Yes! I have had high hopes for documents that don't reveal as much information as I had hoped.

    1. And we just keep searching, don't we, Colleen? I hope you find helpful documents with the information you're trying to find for your ancestors.


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