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Martha (Reay) Doyle Richardson and Family in the 1861 U.K. Census

I've been following Martha (Reay) Doyle Richardson in U.K. Census records.  In 1861 she and Thomas, along with three children and a boarder, were living in Bedlington Colliery, Bedlington Parish, Morpeth, Northumberland.  They are family 32 on this census page.

1861 U.K. Census wqith Martha (Reay) (Doyle) Richardson and husband Thomas Richardson Bedlington, Morpeth, Northumberland

This is their family.
   Thomas Richardson, head, married, male, 50, coal miner, born Northumberland Spital
   Martha Richardson, wife, marrried, female, 52, born Northumberland, Wallsend
   Thomas Richardson, son, male, 12, coal miner, born Northumberland, Bedlington
   Mary Richardson, dau, female, 9, born Northumberland, Bedlington
   Wm Rowell, boarder, unmarried, male, 26, coal miner, born Norfolk

Notes and Comments
In the previous census, Davie was an 11-year-old coalminer.  Davie is not recorded in this census with his family.  He may have married, moved away to work in a different coal mine or different profession, or he may have died.

In this census, Thomas, who was 1 in 1841, is now 12 and working as a coal miner.

It's likely that Davie, Thomas, and Mary are all the children of Martha and Thomas and not Martha's stepchildren.  It's possible that having the names of these children may help me find further information about Martha.  I hope to find a civil death record or a parish burial record.

I'm also on the trail of Martha and Thomas's marriage record.


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  1. Young boys working as coal miners paints a sad picture.

    1. Oh my goodness, yes, Colleen. At a time when boys could have become apprentices or been in school, my coalmining ancestors sent their sons into the mines, either as breaker boys, door boys, tenders of horses, to do other work, or as actual miners. I often wish I could go back and make their lives easier.


I appreciate your comments and look forward to reading what you have to say. Thanks for stopping by.

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