Sunday, June 9, 2019

Namesakes, both Male and Female

Sometimes the namesakes among my ancestors skipped a generation.

William Doyle (~1802-1838)
-- Andrew Doyle (1836-1908)
    -- William Doyle (1863-1941)
        -- Gust Doyle (1888-1933)
            -- William Doyle (1925-2015)
                -- William Doyle (living)

Emma V. (Nelson) Bickerstaff (~1845-1878)
-- Edward Jesse Bickerstaff (1871-1945)
    -- Emma Virginia Bickerstaff (1893-1973)

Tressa (Froman) Doyle (1867-1936)
-- Gust Doyle (1888-19330
    -- Tressa Doyle (1921-2003)

Other times, the naming pattern was only two generations long

Henry Carl Meinzen (1837-1926)
-- Henry Carl Meinzen (1870-1958)

Abel Armitage (~1821 - ??)
-- Abel Armitage (1869-1928) (not my ancestor)

Christian Gerner (~1820-1899)
-- Christian Gerner (1854-1935)

Martha (Reay) Doyle (1809-1869) had two daughters with her name.
-- Martha Doyle (1833-1838)
-- Martha Doyle (1839- ??)

Yet other times, there were several in a generation who were namesakes.

My great-grandmother Elizabeth Armitage Meinzen's first name was given to more descendants than any of my other known ancestors.  Two daughters had Elizabeth as either a first or middle name.  Three granddaughters were named Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth (Armitage) Meinzen (1852-1920)
-- Hannah Elizabeth Meinzen (1875-1910)
    --  Elizabeth Zerelda Hendricks (1909-1997)
-- Elizabeth Meinzen, daughter (1885-1986)

Other granddaughters with Elizabeth as first or middle name include
-- Elizabeth (1897-1899), daughter of Henry C. Meinzen
-- Elizabeth (1917-2015), daughter of Jacob Meinzen

There are, no doubt, other ancestors whose children were named after them who I have yet to discover.

This post was written for Amy Johnson Crow's 2019 version of 52 Ancestors.  The post topic for the week was "Namesake."


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  1. This is an interesting way to look at namesakes.

    1. I'll have to look at the posts you and others wrote for "Namesake," Wendy. I admit this was the first idea that came to mind and I didn't give it more thought. I probably could have come up with something better (but I'm having a little trouble focusing these past few weeks).


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