Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Photos from the Box

For anyone new to this blog who doesn't know how it started: I received a box of photos and papers after my estranged aunt passed away. Since family members are not geographically close and don't get together often, I decided to begin a blog so I could post them for the rest of the family to see and claim if they want them. The blog has grown from sharing those photos to sharing my family history research efforts and others' and my own memories. These are Belinda's children and Aunt Dot's grandchildren, Stacey and Michael, in 1977. These are photographs of Doug, Dolly's son and Aunt Jeree's grandson. No years are noted on the photos. These are Rex's children and Aunt Jeree's grandchildren, James and Barbara. And here are Jeree Lee's children, and Aunt Jeree's grandchildren. In the photo of all three, left to right are Sara K., Robert Ray, and Rachel Elizabeth.

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