Saturday, December 18, 2010

My Gramma's Christmas Tree

This could have been my family's Christmas tree because our trees were usually only 5 or 6 feet tall; but then we put them on an upturned bucket to make them taller. Because this tree isn't on a bucket, I think it is my grandmother's Christmas tree. The date is probably 1955. In front of the tree is her youngest granddaughter with her newest doll.

There aren't many icicles on the tree. They are the old-fashioned, heavy aluminum (or lead) ones that were always saved from year to year. The bulbs look like they are glass. I can't tell about the star.

Some of you viewing this photo may remember when "television sets" had small, oval screens. They were pieces of furniture and not just the TV as we buy today.

I was trying to see what was under the tree but the only thing I can make out is the box for a Sylvania radio.

My grandparents lived on the same street we lived on and there was just one house between ours. On Christmas mornings we would open our gifts, eat breakfast, get dressed, and then hurry to take our gifts to our grandparents' house. It seems like my mom and her sisters and their families converged there at some point on Christmas day to exchange gifts and visit. We had great Christmases.

Merry Christmas, my friends.

Other Sepia Saturday bloggers may be sharing Christmas photographs and/or other old photos today. I invite you to visit and see what's up and join in if you choose.


  1. Looks just like the trees my grandparents had and about the same time period. We lived with our gp from the time I was 8 to 15 with uncles and aunts to spoil us to death. I remember getting a radio and a camera one year. Great post. Christmas blessings to you and yours.

  2. What a great photograph. It brings back memories, not only of the Christmas tree, but also of those TVs...children were remote controls then, weren't they?

  3. While I grew up a bit later than this era, we did have a black & white TV. I asked my mom about black & white TV and photos once, why they weren't color. She told me "everything was in black & white, we just didn't have color." Well, her impressionable little girl thought that meant everything, as in 3D life, lol, people, trees, buildings, everything.

  4. What a great Christmas memory. Wonderful photo too! I think we need to resurrect tinsel or icicles on our tree...

  5. this brings a smile, but i'm glad we have since embraced color. WHOWERETHEY's comment made me laugh: living in black and white...

  6. Happy Christmas Nancy. Great memories - we had a television very like that - and a Christmas tree not too dissimilar.

  7. If I found this photo in an antique store I would have grabbed it. Christmas as I remember it, including that TV which looks very much like the Zenith my folks had. My grandparents had one with a small screen. I still remember arriving at my grandparents house after our drive from our home in Maryland to their's in Pennsylvania, walking in, and seeing Groucho Marx on that little screen. "You Bet Your Life." My grandfather's favorite show. They also had small trees. My folks went for big fat ones.


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