Saturday, December 4, 2010

They Look So Happy

Sometimes I browse (and breeze) through photographs without really looking at them closely. Being able to scan and enlarge them helps a lot because I can see them better and see more details (if they're not out of focus). Still, sometimes I overlook them.

I've passed over this photo many times since I scanned it last summer. My impression of it was, "nice photo of Gramma and Grampa and Aunt Naomi and Uncle Russell." But today I enlarged it for a closer look - and realized that I really, really like this photo. Don't they look happy?!

From left to right is Russell and Naomi (Meinzen) Rhome and Emma (Bickerstaff) and W. C. Robert Meinzen. Naomi and Robert are siblings. I know the photo was taken before 1950 because that's the year Uncle Russell died. Most likely it was taken in the 1940s.

I knew my grandparents when they were in their late 50s or early 60s, when they didn't look like the people in this photo at all. When I knew them they were older and more serious. This shows me a youthful, more loving, happier side of their personalities. I love that Gramma has her hand through Grampa's arm. I love their smiles and how they're just slightly leaning toward each other. I like seeing Grampa's sleeves rolled up to the inside instead of the outside, and the belt buckle that I think he wore as long as I can remember.

No, the photo's not really clear, but it's clear enough to see the smiles and recognize the joy they felt when the shutter clicked on this one moment in their lives. How pleased I am that tonight I didn't breeze past it again.

This is a Sepia Saturday post. Others will be sharing old photographs and thoughts, stories, or memories to go with them. I invite you to look and join in if you choose.


  1. They do look happy. It's nice to see the people we knew when they were older when they were younger, especially when they are happy and enjoying each other. I'm glad you stopped to look and shared it with us.

  2. They do look really happy. I love how all of their arms are all entwined. They must have enjoyed spending time together.

  3. It is a very lovely photo, they all look so happy. I love the informal pose where they have linked arms.

  4. Love this. Sometimes what you can see in these photos is not so much the people...but the relationships. They obviously had fun together, and it's nice to see that.

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  6. Yes Nancy, It is a lovely happy photo and I am glad you have it also..Happy days and a different era. Sad that you grandparents lost their son so young. They maybe when they became more serious, with the sadness.. People counted their blessings and appreciated all they had back then. Because of that they were joyful. it didn't take much to feel happy. We have lost much of that.

  7. I agree--the joy just shines.

  8. Naomi looks like the bright warm Sun rising from behind a mountain!

  9. They look happy and relaxed and I bet it was a beautiful spring or summer day. Very nice memory.

  10. to know people at one point of their lives doesn't fairly represent them always. my maternal grandpa was a mean drunk at times toward the end, but much had happen, which is no excuse, but a bit explanatory. but my mom told me the man had a very sharp mind and a sharper tongue, with a sense of humor to go with all of that. i can't say i recall ever seeing him laughing... but since i've joined SEPIA SATURDAY, i've been looking at the few pictures i have and i saw him as his friends and family once knew him.
    glad for you that you have this one.


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