Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh Henry!

Oh Henry! Where, oh where, were you born? What are your parents' and siblings' names? How will I ever learn more about you?

If the facts about Henry Carl Meinzen's early years were Oh Henry! candy bars, I would buy a case and know his and the rest of his family's history. But they're not and I'm still searching.

Henry, born July 25, 1837, has claimed his country of birth as Germany, Prussia, and Hannover, depending on which census you read. Searches of all known U. S. records have been no help in determining a specific location. I haven't given up hope of eventually finding the information I seek, just hope of finding it soon.

Henry was proprietor of the confectionery store behind him in the photo at left, in Steubenville, Ohio. He might have sold Oh Henry! candy bars except that he'd given up his store by 1920 when Oh Henry! bars were first introduced.

This is Henry's commemorative birthday post. I hope it's grand, Grampa. (And if you can, please send help!)


  1. Good luck with finding Henry! Wish I could give you some helpful advice but I cannot.

  2. I find those Prussian ancestors hard little buggers to find. Good Luck with finding Henry.

  3. Thank you both for your good luck wishes. I think I'm probably going to need lots of it and more!


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