Sunday, July 17, 2011

They Invited Me to Play in the Sandbox!

Yes! They want me to play on Google+.

Jim Gill from Searchin' for Kinfolk was the first to invite me. Then Greta Koehl from Greta Bog and Susan Peterson from Long Lost Relatives both said they would invite me (but Jim had already invited me).

Thank you, Jim, Greta, and Susan!

It looks like I'm not happy. Not true. Everything is so new and I have so much to learn. You'll see me smile soon. It's gonna be great fun.

Would anyone else like to join Google+?


  1. Nancy, sweet picture. And, I understand your "look of frustration" because I'm in the same boat. Good luck with Google+.

  2. What a darling photo! I have "some circles" in Google+, but now I don't know quite what to do with them!

  3. Glad you got in! But most of the folks in the sandbox are talking about how to use G+ rather than genealogy at the moment!

  4. I just invited you, too. Just got a notice from google+ that we are a part of a small group who are helping to test google+. They say they will let more users in over time. If you can accept my invitation, I can tell you the "hangout" function is really cool.


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