Thursday, May 17, 2012

Remembering Rootsweb

Yesterday when I was trying to find answers to questions about RootsMagic I happened onto a discussion at my old friend, RootsWeb. Do you know about RootsWeb? Do you use RootsWeb? If you don't, you should consider it.

RootsWeb is very large collection of free websites and email lists that can help you in your family history endeavors. It's a site for you if you
  • want to learn more about a geographic area, a family surname, an occupation, a specific war, ethnic groups, genealogy programs, and more.
  • need U.S., U.K. or Canadian Census transcription forms, or a variety of other forms or charts.
  • want to join a mailing list or browse a mailing list for a specific surname, locality, occupation, or a variety of other topics.

I am particularly attached to the email lists, of which there are over 30,000, because individuals with the same interest respond to each other. I have subscribed to three surname lists, four locality-specific lists, an occupation list, and three lists to help me learn how to become a better researcher. It may sound like I would get a lot of email but the conversations are sporadic, always on-topic, and usually specific.
  • Choose a surname - almost any surname except Meinzen! - and you can sign up for the email list. Once you've subscribed, you will receive emails (either individually or in digest form, you choose) of discussions in progress and can ask your own questions.
  • Choose an occupation, such as coal mining, watchmakers, teachers, or many others.
  • Choose a state and county or a country. When you click on the country list, it will offer you subdivisions within the country.
If you'd rather not subscribe to an email list, you can browse the discussions that others have had or search the discussions.

I have more to explore at RootsWeb. It was a resource I'd forgotten and am glad to have remembered. It's one more free genealogy and family history resource, and who doesn't appreciate free? I recommend RootsWeb.

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  1. This is more like doing family trees. Filling in those information to every person. Thanks for the suggestion.


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