Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Leila Doyle - Wednesday's Child

Little Leila Doyle was my father's twin sister.  She lived only a few days.   Family lore has it that she was the stronger of the twins and it was expected that she would live.

Notes on information in the certificate:
  • Ileo-colitis, a form of Chron's disease, is an inflammation of the ileum, or small intestine, and the inner lining of the colon, the large intestine.  I was unable to find information about how it would have been diagnosed or treated in an infant in 1913.  (Thanks to Wendy of Jollette for transcribing the diagnosis.)
  • It is interesting that we know him as "Gust Doyle," yet he signed his name as "Gus Doyle."
  • The undertaker, Gust Saylor, may have been a relative, possibly a cousin.  Gust Doyle's maternal grandmother's maiden name was Saylor.  
  • We know that Leila was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Stoneboro, Pennsylvania.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Bureau of Vital Statistics
Certificate of Death

Place of Death.
County of Mercer...
Borough of Stoneboro
File No. 29376
Full Name  Leila Doyle

Sex  Female
Color  White
Date of Birth  Feb 27 1913
Age  3 days
Single, Married...  Single
Birthplace  Stoneboro Pa
Name of Father  Gus Doyle
Birthplace of Father  Stoneboro Pa
Maiden Name of Mother  Buleah Gerner
Birthplace of Mother  Butler Co Pa
Informant  Gus Doyle [signature]
Date  Mar 2 1913
Registrar  [illegible signature]

Date of Death  Mch 2 1913
I hereby certify, that I attended deceased from Feb 27 1913 to Mch 2 1913, that I last saw her alive on Mch 2 1913, and that death occurred, on the date stated above at 10 AM.  The cause of death was as follow [illegible word]-colitis

[Signed] Geo D Bagnoff  M.D.
Mch 2 1913   Stoneboro

Place of Burial or Removal [illegible words] Stoneboro
Date of Burial Mch [?] 1913
Undertaker  Gust Saylor   Stoneboro Pa

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  1. It probably says Ileo-colitis.

    How sad for the little baby girl. It makes you wonder if anyone noticed the problem too late or at all or if treatment just didn't help.

  2. The death of a little one is always so very sad. I always mark them with a small red rose on my family tree and it's astonishing to see that some families have so many children who die young.
    Wonderful that little Leila is still remembered and especially that her final "resting place" and headstone remain undisturbed. Thankyou for sharing this beautiful memory.

    1. What a nice idea, Catherine, to mark the babies with a red rose. I had two great-grandmothers who had 15 children each. One lost 2 when they were children, the other lost 5. I would have a lot of roses on my tree.


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