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Old Homestead, New Photo, Street Address - Mappy Monday

In the post Old Map, Current Map, Homestead I wrote about overlaying an old map onto a new one using ProQuest's Historic Map Works™ to find the location of my g-g-grandfather Dixon Bartley's homestead.  I felt certain that Dixon's homestead was on Bruin Road, west of Daubenspeck Road.

I closed that post with the words,"While I still don't have a street address, I think it would be fairly easy to find Dixon's home -- if I could only persuade my husband to go on a road trip...."  I have not yet persuaded my husband to drive to Bruin with me but the next best thing was having my brother and sister-in-law take the trip, find the home, and take photos of it.  Thank you, Bob and Eva!!!  I am beyond excited:  I am thrilled!

Courtesy of Google Earth

I am pleased to know that the house and nearby building are still standing and appear to be in decent condition.  There are some changes but all in all the structure looks good (at least from the outside).  I'm so sad that beautiful, long board walk is gone, though.

Bob said the number on the mail box was 121, and since they'd driven westward from Bruin, it would have seemed as though it was Washington Street.  But as I look at a current map I see that Washington Street turns into Bruin Road at Daubenspeck Road.  Dixon's property (according to the old map) and the homestead (according to Google Earth) are located west of Daubenspeck Road.

Courtesy of Google Maps
I did a little more research just to be sure I had it right, mapping 121 Bruin Road and 121 Washington Street.  I believe the address 121 Bruin Road, Bruin (or Petrolia, as it's known today) is correct.  (Click on the map at left to enlarge it.)

I was able to locate the names and address of owners of the property at the Butler County, Pennsylvania, auditor's website.  For their privacy I won't include that information here.

When I finally persuade my husband to go on that road trip, I'll contact the owners and see if they might be willing to give us a "tour" of the property and buildings.  How fabulous it would be to stand within the walls of the home where my ancestors walked, lived, cooked, ate, entertained, and slept.

Now, for the next step:  learn the history of the building.  Did Dixon build it himself?  If not, who built it?  And when?  Who inherited it and who owned it from then until now?  What changes took place within its walls?  Do you suppose it's possible? 



  1. Awesome to see the old and the new!!

    1. Oh, yes, it was very fun to see the new photographs. I'm still hoping to visit myself one of these days. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, Dorene.

  2. I will hope the new owners are kind and like-minded when it comes to family history. However, my dad knocked on the door of his childhood home, explained his interest, and received a slammed door in the face. HA!

    I'm sorry that the beautiful railing is gone, but I'm sure it rotted many years ago. Too bad someone didn't just replace it. Actually, I'm surprised that the homeowner's insurance company didn't squawk about it.

  3. How fabulous! I can totally understand you being thrilled took that trip to the old homestead and snapped those photos. What a beautiful home and such a picturesque setting.

    1. Thanks, Jana. It was pretty exciting to see the photos. I'm still hoping to visit myself, though. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

  4. Nancy,

    I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in today's Fab Finds post at

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I bet the family would love a copy of that photo!

    1. I hadn't thought of that, Heather. I know I would be thrilled. As far as I can tell from the county auditor's website, the owners don't live there -- at least that's not listed as their address. Still, I'll send a copy of the photo along when I ask to visit. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.


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