Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Trio of Birthdays on July 6

My grandmother Emma Bickerstaff Meinzen's birthday is today, July 6.  If she were still alive she would have been 120.  She usually resisted having her photo taken so it's surprising to have this one, and with a lovely smile besides.  It's a good likeness, though not very clear.

Today is also the birthday of my twin niece and nephew.  My sister read Gramma's birthday blog post last year and sent an email with a memory of that day in 1966 when her twins were born.  She gave permission to share.

"Holly and Jeff were born on Grandma's birthday, July 6th.  She was so in awe that they had arrived on her birthday.  She and Grandpa came to see them about a week after they were born.  We lived in the second floor apartment on West Park Ave. in Niles, and it was so warm that summer.  They climbed the stairs to our place, and both the babies were in one crib, end to end, as we were preparing shortly to move out to Mineral Ridge."

My sister probably has great photos of the twins as newborns and probably also a photo of Gramma holding them, but I don't.  This was the best I could do.  I think they're a few months old in this photo.  They lived next door to us for several years and provided plenty of joy and  entertainment. 

Happy Birthday, Gramma, Jeff, and Holly.  I love you all.



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