Saturday, August 29, 2009

David Must Have Been a Favorite!

Of all the photographs in the box from Aunt Polly there are more of David than anyone else.

It was fun to look at these in sequence and watch the changes from babyhood, through toddler, boyhood, and into young teen.

Of the above photos, my favorite is the one with him in a striped shirt holding the football. Adorable!

More photos of David:

And Still More Photos of David!

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  1. Aunt Dot wrote about the photo of David in the striped shirt and the football: David's dad wanted him to be a football player. When
    David was born we lived in half of a house (don't know how to explain where the house was) but one of our best friends, Tommy Nass, lived in the other half and he would come over when I was giving David a bath (in a pan on the kitchen table) and Bill and Tommy would exercise David's legs so they would build him up to be a football player.


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