Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fun at the Beach

I don't know which beach this is or what year. Considering the cars in the background, it had to be late 1940s or possibly very early 1950s.

I can identify the child as David and the two men as Grampa Meinzen and Bill Dray. It looks like they were having fun.

I think these are really unsual photos because Grampa Meinzen is smiling. I don't remember him smiling much, and never laughing.

Don't you love Grampa's old swimsuit?!

I think some of the older cousins might remember this particular event or ones similar to it.

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  1. Marsha wrote: [These] pics of the water are at Lake Milton, I believe. I remember going out on Sat. or Sunday, I believe and there was a tent-like thing that was hooked somehow between the cars, which afforded some privacy and some shade.


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