Saturday, May 15, 2010

Audrey and Her Sisters

This is a photograph of my mother, Audrey Meinzen, and 2 of her 3 sisters. Youngest sister Polly was not yet born.

Audrey is the oldest child in this photograph. She was born on June 5, 1915. Geraldine, wearing the black coat, was born on November 7, 1918. Baby Girl was born in July, 1921.

Based on the approximate age of Baby Girl, I would guess this photograph was taken in the spring of 1922. Audrey would have been 6 going on 7. Geraldine would have been 3 plus a few months. And Baby Girl would have been about 8 months old. Despite Audrey's apparent confidence in holding Baby Girl, she looks like a heavy load for her sister.

This is an interesting photograph to me. I always wonder why Audrey wears stockings and a short-sleeved dress with no coat or hat, while Geraldine is wearing not only a coat but also a hat; and Baby Girl is bundled up to nearly double her size.

These girls are the daughters of William Carl Robert "Bob" and Emma (Bickerstaff) Meinzen. They lived in Warren, Ohio, for a while and then moved to Mineral Ridge, Ohio. The photo could have been taken in either of those locations or in the Steubenville area of Jefferson County, Ohio.

My mother rarely talked about her childhood other than sharing an occasional, specific memory. How I wish for more.

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  1. Yes, I wondered the same thing. No leaves on the trees, so this was probably not a warm day. But children still have to be nagged into wrapping up against the cold, so maybe this was the case with Audrey. Young blood, and all that.

  2. It's a great photo and somehow looks much more "modern" than the date it was taken. I suspect that is partly because the quality of the photograph itself, taken with quite a good camera I would guess.

  3. Who needs a coat when you've got a nice warm baby to cuddle?

    Besides parents are always nagging you to put on coats that hide your nice clothes. And how long does a photograph take?

    Children have questions that answer any objection yet invented by adults.

  4. What a terrific shot - really evokes the time and the closeness of siblings. I think the heavy load may have much to do with all the baby bunting.


  5. This is a charming portrait of three little sisters. Baby Girl looks like quite the chubby lttle handful. Was she always called Baby Girl?

  6. It's a great photo. I much prefer these candid shots to the posed ones with the somber expressions. Maybe it was an unseasonably warm day. The oldest always did have a younger sibling on their hip, didn't they?

  7. Vintage photos of children are always so delightful. This one, in particular, is amazing. What a treasure.

  8. Martin, Barry, and Betsy -- I actually hadn't remembered how little ones really don't want to wear all the clothes moms think they should to keep warm. That probably explains the lack of outwear.

    Alan - Gosh, I wish I knew what kind of camera took this photo, and who.

    Kat - Your comment about the closeness of siblings caused me to think over the relationships of the 4 females in this family. I think Audrey and Baby Girl were the closest of any of them.

    Yes, even if the baby weren't heavy, all the layers definitely make her look heavy.

    Nana Jo - Baby Girl does look very round, doesn't she? Because she's still living I chose to call her Baby Girl. I could have used quotes to make it more obvious.

    Betsy - I have another photograph of these three girls, taken a few years later than this one. It is a formal studio pose. All I have is a color photocopy of it and it didn't scan very well. If I find that I still have the original - or find out who does have the original - I'll post it sometime.

    Willow - Thank you. It really is a treasure because I have so few non-blurry photographs of my mom's side of the family.

  9. My mother always said how she hated those dark stockings. He mom made her wear them and I don't know if they were a mother's answer to keep their legs covered as well as protected. It is a cute photo.

  10. What a fabulous photograph! I immediately worried about Baby Girl though. The lack of a name made me wonder if she didn't live very long. I hope that wasn't the case.

  11. Larry - My mom never talked about the black stockings (though she rarely ever spoke of her childhood, so it isn't surprising that I didn't learn anything about the black stockings). I should think they'd not be comfortable. Poor little girls having to wear garters to keep them up. Thanks for visiting and commenting.
    P.S. I love the barn painting that you posted on March 10.

    Christine - Not to worry about Baby Girl. She is my aunt who is still alive and I didn't want to use her real name. I should have put quotes so readers would have understood.


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