Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tressa Rose Froman, Not Forgotten

Tressa Rose Froman was born in 1867 in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, according to family records. Since she died in 1936, it seems strange that no family records record her birth day and month.

The 1900 U. S. census tells me that she was born in March, 1867. Her name on the census is recorded as Rose Doyle. Further research led me to the book, Good Hope Church, Lutheran and Reformed: West Salem Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania. Parish Records, 1805-1861 by Paul Miller Ruff, where I found the following entry:
Baptism No. 563
Name of Baptized: Theresa
Date of Birth (or Baptism): 24 May 1868
Parents: John Fromman and Catharine
Sponsors: Parents, F. Pilgran
It seems likely, but do not know definitively, that this is my Tressa Froman. I attempted to obtain copies of the original records, hoping they might show more information, but was told they were unavailable.

As I was searching for a photograph to post I realized that other than her marriage photo, this is the only one I have of Tressa. I also noticed that in the background of the photo with this post, faint and barely discernable, there is a quilt hanging on the clothesline. Perhaps she made it. Tressa (or Maw as she was called) enjoyed quilting and made a beautiful wedding ring quilt which she gave to my father.

Though I don't know the exact day she was born, I am pleased to remember and celebrate Maw's birthday. Happy Birthday, Maw! I hope it was fabulous, whichever day it was.

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