Sunday, June 26, 2011

Leslie Albrecht Huber and The Journey Takers at Family History Lessons

"If you've ever had the opportunity to visit places where your ancestors lived you'll know what an amazing experience it is and you really develop that emotional connection with them. They become real and you develop an understanding of their experiences as you get to know them."
Leslie Albrecht Huber, author of The Journey Takers

Enjoy Leslie's complete presentation at FamilySearch's Family History Lessons. It is a little less than an hour long and is interesting and worthwhile. She reads excerpts from her book, shares some of her research experiences, and gives some helpful search lessons.

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  1. Nancy, you're so right about Leslie's presentation. Leslie spoke to my local gen club during the winter and she offered some valuable search tips as well as inspiring advice about preserving and sharing our ancestors' experiences. Highly recommended!


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