Monday, June 27, 2011

This Morning . . .

. . . while harvesting lavender, immersed in the delightful and heady fragrance, I wondered . . .

Did any of my grandmothers
love lavender as much as I do?

I hope so. I hope they grew it and cut it and kept it all winter to remind them of summer's fresh days. I hope it was as much a delight to them as it is to me.

Do you ever wonder if your ancestors did some of the same things you do, and how different their experiences were from yours?


  1. Hello Nancy,

    I share your love for lavender and I like to wonder about such things too. To me lavender has the scent of the past; perhaps I feel this way because my mom always had it around our home.

    Also, every time I look at the moon, I like to think about the fact that our ancestors looked at the same moon.

    Thanks for sharing this sentiment with us.


  2. I also very much love lavender! What I wouldn't give to be able to keep a lavender plant alive...darn my brown thumb.

  3. everytime I do any canning I think of my ancestors and how all their food had to be prepared and preserved by unlike today.

  4. Jennifer, I hadn't thought about the moon. Amazing to imagine it, isn't it?! Thanks for sharing that thought.

  5. Heather, I'm sorry you can't grow lavender. I think some species are easier and more hardy than others. Maybe you could try again. Thanks for coming to visit.

  6. Oh, Mary, what a thought! Probably often, not just prepared and preserved but for some ancestors -- especially the earlier they lived -- had to be grown, too. In that way we have it so easy.

  7. I, too, love lavender and all the rain we have had this year has made it a beautiful shade of purple. I walk the shores in Northern Michigan and think about my ancestors walking those same beaches.

  8. Nancy, I loved this post just because it reminds me so much of you and I miss you and the time we spent together. I still have the little woven lavender bundle you made me so many years ago. I've tried several times to make them. They are hard to make and yours is perfectly crafted! Last summer I did manage to get one finished. I entered it in the county fair and won a red ribbon. I have lavender in my poor, currently burning-up garden because of you.

  9. Brenda, alas, our lavender has not bloomed purple but a pale lavender. I like your thought about walking the same beaches as your ancestors. Towns and cities change but not much changes about the beaches.

  10. Kathleen, thank you for your kind comments. I miss you, too. You were -- and still are -- a great example to me. Congratulations on your red ribbon at the fair last year! Brenna asked me yesterday if I was going to make lavender baskets. I didn't but I may with stems from another plant. I'm glad to know that even though your garden is burning up (not so badly that the plants die, I hope!), you still have lavender.

  11. The kitchen window in old houses always makes me wonder...what did she see when she stood at the window, looking out as she did her chores?

    You have inspired me...


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