Sunday, September 18, 2011

Letters from Estonia - A FamilySearch Video

There are several aspects of this video that particularly impress me:
  1. I appreciate how the video presents a visual depiction to enhance and more fully tell the story, narrated with so few words. Someone did more research to help us see what the ancestor's life might have actually been like during his early war years. For me, this is part of what family history is about: learning about my ancestors, learning about the historical environment of the times in which they lived, then putting them into that time and place.
  2. The power of writing letters shines brightly in this video. Sometimes it might seem as though there's little likelihood of success when writing letters to a person at an address where he or she lived many years ago, but one can never tell the outcome.
I hope you're having success with your family history research.

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  1. Nancy,
    Thanks for sharing this video. It was truly powerful. Don't we all wish someone would professionally produce a video for us.


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