Thursday, September 15, 2011

Certificate of Marriage & "How to Perpetuate The Honeymoon"

My parents, Audrey Meinzen and Lee Doyle, were married 73 years ago on this date, September 15, 1938. They had three certificates of marriage: one civil and two signed by the minister who performed the marriage.

The certificate at right comes from a beautiful booklet printed in gold, red, green, and black, with the title, "Our Wedding" on the front. It has a 1916 copyright by The Methodist Book Concern. It contains the text for "The Order for the Solemnization of Matrimony" as well as the certificate, at right, several calligraphed poems/quotes, a space to list the bridal party, and five pages for guests to sign their names.

I will scan and post all the pages later this year. I'm especially pleased to see the names of the guests and to have their signatures.

My mother saved another booklet with the title "Wedlock." It contains the second church marriage certificate and the page at left, "How to Perpetuate The Honeymoon." I find the language quaint -- uncommon to my "modern" ear -- yet with sound advice for newlyweds. I've transcribed it below for easier reading.
How to Perpetuate The Honeymoon
From Home and Health, by permission of W. H. DuPuy, A. M., D. D.

Continue your courtship. Like causes produce like effects.

Do not assume a right to neglect your companion more after marriage than you did before.

Have no secrets that you keep from your companion. A third party is always disturbing.

Avoid the appearance of evil. In matrimonial matters it is often that the mere appearance contains all the evil. Love, as soon as it rises above calculation and becomes love is exacting. It gives all, and demands all.

Make the best of the inevitable. Persist in looking at and presenting the best side. Smile and smile. A cheerful disposition can be acquired, and it will carry you thru many a discouraging situation.

Keep a lively interest in the business of the firm. Two that do not pull together, are weaker than either alone.

Start from where your parents started, rather than where they now are. Hollow and showy boarding often furnishes too strong temptation, while the quietness of a humble home would cement the hearts beyond risk.

Avoid debt. Spend your own money, then it will not be necessary to blame anyone for spending other peoples.

Do not both get angry at the same time. It takes two to make a quarrel.

Do not allow yourself ever to come to an open rupture. Things unsaid need less repentance.

Study to understand your companion's disposition, in order to please and avoid friction. Try to conform your tastes and habits to the tastes and habits of your companion. If two walk together, they must agree.

Gauge your expenses by your revenues. Love must eat. The sheriff often levies on Cupid long before he takes away the old furniture.
Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. I hope many are celebrating with you.

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