Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Heart is Back in Place

As I was waking up this morning I was thinking about my day and spent a bit of time stewing about new Blogger. I dislike it enough that I considered not publishing any more blog posts. When I opened my mail this morning there was an email from Julie Goucher of Angler's Rest. She'd read my post last night, My Heart is Sinking, and left a comment that solved my dilemma. Old Blogger is still there. I just had to ask for it back. My heart is now back in place.

It occurred to me that I might be the only one in the blog world who still used the older version. But now I know there are two of us. We both like old Blogger better.

If you, too, want to go back to the old Blogger, go to your dashboard and look at the upper right corner of your screen. Under your name will be a little round gear symbol. Click on it and a list will pop up. Toward the bottom of the list will be the choice to go back to the older version of Blogger.

Hooray and thank you, Julie!

Carol from Reflections from the Fence also left a comment on Google+ which I found a little later. Thank you, Carol. I appreciate the information.

Note: Some believe that we will all eventually be corralled into using the new/newer/newest version of Blogger at some time in the future. If you still use it, enjoy old Blogger while you have it.


  1. Nancy, I have not even attempted the new format at Blogger yet. Thanks for the information!!

  2. Dorene, I don't know what blogger is doing. I didn't really choose it. It was there when I signed in to blogger yesterday. I hope they don't take old blogger away until some of the good things are added to new blogger (and some of the bad things in new blogger are removed!). If you decide to try it, please let me know what you think.

  3. For some reason, new Blogger doesn't bother me as much as new G-Mail. That I HATE! But what choice do I now have?
    And another friend and I are trying to convince our webmaster to change our genealogy society website with GREAT resistance on her part.
    So who am I to complain about progress or, lacking that, change?
    (And for some reason, in preview, my comment box stays small but my comment goes long. Another step toward progress?)

  4. Margie, I had to go look at gmail to see what the difference was -- and I didn't notice it. Gmail isn't my primary email address, though, so maybe I don't see it enough to notice the changes. Isn't it strange how changes affect people differently?

  5. Just when I start to feel really comfortable with it, they change it. There's something about the profiles too. they insist that they be public.

  6. Christine, I wonder how many of us there are who would rather have the old blogger -- or at least some consistency and a longer time between changes. Yes, they do seem to want to make our profiles public. Sad.


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