Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Spick and Span for Our Blog Birthday Celebration!

We turned three today, My Ancestors and Me, and we're having a little celebration. Please join us!

In honor of the occasion, we bought a Western Electric Clothes Washer because the ad said, "Everything spick and span for the birthday party, thanks to this dependable Clothes Washer." "Everything" included sheer window curtains, a dainty white dress, a heavy rag rug, a damask table cloth, and a delicate georgette waist. (Of course, we washed them in separate loads.) Our Western Electric Clothes Washer worked great and you can see we are spick and span. On to the games!

Game #1: Name That Ancestor
Can you name anyone in these photos? I'm not sure why you'd want to but humor us anyway and play along. Just for the fun of it. (No fair looking at the url for the names!)

Game #2: Hide-n-Seek
(or Where is He or She Hiding Behind that Brick Wall?)
Some of my ancestors love to play Hide-n-Seek and they don't want to quit playing. There are no prizes for these games but I would certainly figure one out if someone discovered the hiding place of these ancestors!

Ancestor #1: Fred Gerner's mother or father, names unknown, probably born in Germany, probably before 1828, may have died after 1855, possibly in the U.S.
Ancestor #2: Henry Meinzen's mother or father, father was Carl Meinzen, probably born in Germany, probably before 1817, probably died in Germany
Ancestor #3: John Froman's mother or father, probably born in Germany before 1820

Game #3: Your Favorite Ancestor
We've played some games with my ancestors, let's play some with yours. Who is your favorite ancestor and why? Have you written a blog post about him or her? If so, what is the link? If enough of you play along, I'll write a follow-up post to highlight your posts about your ancestors.

And now for refreshments. Let's have a slice of refreshing Blueberry Cheesecake, a glass of lemonade, some popcorn and peanuts, and chocolate cake and ice cream.

Thanks for coming to celebrate with us. We're glad you came and hope you had a good time.


  1. Happy Blogiversary Nancy! I look forward to many many more years of reading your wonderful blog.

  2. Happy Blogiversary Nancy!

    Many happy returns of the day to you. I too look forward to many many more years of enjoying your wonderful blog.


  3. Happy Blogiversary!! You have an awesome blog!

  4. What a clever post! Happy Blogiversary! I too so enjoy your blog!

  5. Hi, Tray, Jennifer, Jana, and Dorene --

    Thanks so much for your kind comments and anniversary wishes. I appreciate your visits.

  6. You went all out in honor of your blogiversary! I love the creativity of it all! I'm going to have to come back to this post and play some of the games. Congratulations on your wonderful blog.

  7. Three years! Oh my.

    I hope I have the opportunity to read your blog for at least three more years...

  8. Congrats on your blogiversary, Nancy, and best wishes for many, many more! I love reading your blog--you have such a wonderful voice for family history.

  9. Kathy, Dee, and Shelley --
    Thank you for your kinds words. I appreciate every single one!


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