Saturday, May 11, 2013

Go-Carts for Baby - Shopping Saturday

As I search newspapers for ancestors I sometimes find articles and ads that surprise or amuse me.  This was a surprise.  Who knew baby carriages were once called go-carts?!
This ad was on page 17 of the June 26, 1910 edition of The Pittsburgh Press.  Original prices for the go-carts ranged from $2.75 to $30.00, on sale for 50% off.  A great savings.  "Happy Baby!  Happy Mother!  Happy Pocketbook!"

Part of the ad you can't see says, "All this season's makes and styles!  One-motion Folders, Reed Go-Carts, Hood Go-Carts, Canopy Top Go-Carts, Auto Go-Carts, Storm-Front Go-Carts, English Cabs!  You'll find one of our immense floors packed with them!"

This ad brought home to me the difficulty of transporting an infant and toddler in times before automobiles made it easier.

Pickering's also sold furniture, refrigerators, curtains, China matting, rugs, framed pictures, Chinaware, kitchen utensils & cutlery, vases, and Bric-a-Brac, among other things.

Wouldn't you like to step back in time and visit the store?  I would!


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  1. Those "go karts" had so much character, but I bet there was no place to carry a purse, diaper bag, an assortment of toys, an extra sweater, a cell phone, and a Starbucks to-go cup. Today's strollers are like RVs for babies!


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