Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Emma Garner & Alfred Vensel - Wedding Wednesday

Brendice Gerner Davis said of her father Fred Gerner's sister, "there was a girl Emma who married Alf Heusel [or Hensel]."  I was unable to find Emma and Alf Heusel or Hensel in any census record or, for that matter, anywhere on FamilySearch or ancestry.  But I found that the Butler Area Library Obituary Index had indexed a newspaper article about the marriage of Emma Garner and Alfred Vensel.  I ordered it and this is what I received. 

    On the 21st ult., at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. Shade, Mr. Alfred Vensel to Miss Emma Garner, both of Fairview tp., Butler co.
   The above couple have our best wishes.  Alfred may your voyage over the ocean of life, be one of prosperity and happiness.                                Me.  

This notice was published in the Butler County Democratic Herald on February 10, 1869.  Based on this information, their marriage date would have been January 21, 1869.

Looking over other information I'd already collected, I realized that Emma and Alfred lived next door to Christian Gardner (or Gerner) in the 1880 census.  Alfred was a carpenter and he and Emma had 4 children:  Laura, 10; John, 8; Maude, 5; and Ida, 3.


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  1. That name certainly took you on a tour of the alphabet! But now you know. Pretty darn cool.


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