Saturday, August 9, 2014

Time to Think, Places to Think - Book of Me

There are times when I must concentrate on the work at hand -- making a difficult recipe; paying bills; organizing my plan for the day; or considering which route will be the best for the day's errands.  But there are other times when my mind can focus on a particular train of thought beyond the necessities of the day -- or on no thought at all with free range to think about whatever topic wanders into my mind.

The best time for deep, reflective thought is when I have private, solitary, uninterrupted time.  Peace and quiet do wonders for my soul and my mind. 

On those rare nights that I don't fall immediately to sleep after collapsing into bed I may lie awake for a time thinking and pondering.  It begins with whatever comes to mind and evolves into more focused thought, then back to a wandering mind.  And then I (usually) drift into peaceful slumber.  There are some mornings when I'm not hurried by a commitment and may stay in bed a little longer letting thoughts overtake me, gradually focusing my mind as I choose.  The quiet evenings before falling into sleep and the relaxed, unhurried mornings after coming into wakefulness are delicious, delightful times.

While driving, or while I'm riding and the conversation dies away into quietness, I often find myself deep in thought.  It cannot be busy city traffic nor bumper-to-bumper on the interstate, but almost any other driving gives me quiet time to think.  The long freeway drives are best. 

Another favorite place to think is the shower, but only if I'm not rushing to meet deadlines.  On mornings without commitments I may stay a few minutes longer in the shower, letting my thoughts wander where they will.  They usually gravitate to living family, ancestors, and thoughtful prayer.  I sometimes surprise myself at the depth of thought that comes during a five-minute the shower, especially if I put my mind to it.

Where do you do your best thinking?
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This is another post in The Book of Me series, created by Julie Goucher of Anglers Rest.  The topic for this post was "Where do you think?"


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  1. Nancy, you write so beautifully. I find the thinking relatively easy it’s the putting those thoughts into words I find difficult. I often wish I could transmit the pictures from my mind directly onto the page without the necessity of words.
    I do have to have absolute quiet to think, no music, no chatter, just silence. Such a shame, because I do enjoy listening to the radio!
    Have a lovely Sunday, Barbara

    1. Thank you, Barbara. Words come easier to me than mental images, which just aren't there. We're all so different, aren't we?! I hope you had a good Sunday and have a good week.


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