Sunday, September 27, 2015

Appreciating My Ancestors on Ancestor Appreciation Day, 2015

Ancestor Appreciation Day is almost over but I didn't want it to pass without recognizing my appreciation of and gratitude to my ancestors.  If it weren't for them I wouldn't be here.  I'm grateful for the choices they made -- coming to America, having strength and courage to live in times that may have been difficult, but especially to choose spouses, marry, and have children.  For each couple who married and had children, I may be one of hundreds or thousands of descendants, either now or at some time in the future.

A few of my female ancestors . . . .
Left to right, top row then bottom row:  Audrey Meinzen Doyle, Emma Bickerstaff Meinzen, Mary Thompson Bickerstaff, Elizabeth Armitage Meinzen, Beulah Gerner Doyle, Elvira Bartley Gerner, Tressa Froman Doyle, and Elizabeth Laws Doyle

A few of my male ancestors . . . .
Left to right, top row then bottom row:  Lee Doyle, Gust Doyle, William Doyle, Andrew Doyle, W. C. Robert Meinzen, Henry C. Meinzen, Edward Jesse Bickerstaff, and Dixon Bartley

Thank you, dear ancestors.  Thank you.



  1. Cool pictures Nancy. Love how you separated them into Females and Males.
    I didn't know it was Ancestor Appreciation Day but, Yes everyday I think of my Ancestors. So grateful for the challenges and trials they lived through to help me with my challenges and trials.

    1. Thanks, Renée. I think I created the collages for Mother's and Father's Days one year. I don't have many couple photos so it just made sense to do it that way. Oh, I think of my ancestors every day, too. I have a hard time imagining their hard times but I often think, when I'm struggling with something, that my ancestors probably had an even harder struggle and therefore I can succeed at whatever the problem in my life is.

  2. There's an appreciation day?? Missed it. I hope my blog serves as a sign of appreciation -- I know yours does!

    1. I don't know how I knew about Ancestor Appreciate Day this year but I remember posting for it some other year, Wendy. Yes, I know your blog serves as a sign of appreciation! I'm sure your ancestors feel grateful to you for finding them and sharing their stories.


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