Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Dale Carnegie Course at Copperweld Steel - Workday Wednesday

A Dale Carnegie course was offered at Copperweld Steel while my father, Lee Doyle, worked there.  Dad attended but I don't know if received an invitation or if he was mandated to attend.  I do remember discussion about the course at home, including ways to remember people's names and some talk about Dad giving a speech. 

My father is seated in the second row from the back, second from the left (with the light glinting off his glasses).  The only other person I know in the photo is Gene Haas, standing in the back row, fourth from the left.

From the sign in the front we can tell the names of some of those who attended the class.  Click to enlarge the image to read it better.

My father's name appears twice.  First under "No. 2 Best Speech" and again in "No. 3 Achievement."  I know no details.

I still have the book he used for the course.  It's title is, of course, How to Win Friends and Influence People

Dad finished this course in December, 1966, the same month and year he received a certificate in Management Development.  It's likely the Carnegie course was part of the management development course.

His certificate reads
Dale Carnegie Courses
This certifies that
Lee Doyle
has successfully completed the
Dale Carnegie Course
in Effective Speaking
and Human Relations

In Witness Whereof this certificate
is issued under our hands and seal
this 7th day of December, 1966

Dorothy Carnegie
Warren H. Knox

It's fun to see a photo of Dad in a classroom setting with the other students, however, my father was a lifelong learner (as we say these days) whether at work or taking courses at the mill, and more often at home while making repairs around the house, learning the new skills of woodworking and clock building, or reading the newspaper. 


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  1. I don't know what the Dale Carnegie course is like, but it's something I've known of all my life, and for whatever reason, it always seems intimidating. I wonder if "smiling big" was part of the course, because everyone in that photo seems genuinely happy.

    1. Ha ha. Maybe they're genuinely happy that it's over? I don't know anything about the course but I assume it must follow the book since that seemed to be what they used for a textbook/manual. Yeh, it would be intimidating to me (the introvert), Wendy.


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