Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Days Go By Too Fast

Sometimes the days pass too fast for me and before I accomplish everything I hope to do the day is gone.  That happened last month and I missed writing two posts on time, both for "holidays."  I recently wrote the posts, dated them to the commemorative dates, and published them.  If you read my blog here or in a reader, you probably wouldn't see them.  I'm alerting you to them because I wouldn't want you to miss any of my blogging goodness.  (Imagine a wink and teasing smile on my face.)

The first post is Dear Teddy, written for National Teddy Bear Day on September 9.

The second post is Centenarian Brendice Kathryn Gerner Davis written for National Centenarian's Day on September 22.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog. I appreciate it.


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  1. Oh, well there you go -- that explains it! I had just commented about the date on the teddy bear story. I thought I was having trouble with my reader.

    1. Yes, I knew you'd figure it out when this post appeared in your reader, Wendy. I wanted to keep the posts in sequence. (My daughter suggested that was somewhat dishonest....)


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