Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Celebrations Among Relatives and Ancestors

This is May's list of birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate among my relatives and ancestors.  I'm especially wishing my brother a Happy Birthday, and also thinking of the births and marriages of many of our mutual ancestors. 

With a limited number of dates in a year I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that there are several births and/or marriages on the same date, and yet it does.  Most of the overlaps are in different families, but there are two sisters born on the same date (eight years apart) and their sister married on their birthdays (about 40-50 years later). 

Living Family Members
May 20    Bob D.

Foremothers and Forefathers
May  5, 1810  Robert Laws, a paternal 3rd great-grandfather
May  8, 1851  Lydia Bell, a maternal 2nd great-grandmother
May 12, 1854  Elvira Bartley, my paternal great-grandmother

Among My Collateral Lines
May  7, 1856  Rachel Anna Thompson
May  8, 1859  Josephine Bell
May  8, 1905  Theodore Moses and Laura Bell
May  8, 1936  Burton Kenneth Gettings and Veronica June Meinzen
May 10, 1849  John W. Bickerstaff
May 10, 1937  Leonard Miller Fair and Elizabeth Zerelda Hendricks
May 12, 1886  Russel Rhome
May 12, 1920  Clarence Leroy Bickerstaff
May 13, 1933  Joanne Ferrell
May 15, 1892  Ethel Clair or Clare Gerner
May 17, 1873  Ida Adelia Gerner
May 17, 1886  Mabel Lodenia Gerner
May 20, 1854  Matthew Laws
May 21, 1850  Ann Armitage
May 22, 1899  Naomi Faye Meinzen (or possibly 1898)
May 26, 1904  Agnes M. Pressell
May 27, 1909  Elizabeth Zerelda Hendricks
May 27, 1935  Kenneth Alfonso Gerner and Lydia Ann Troyer
May 28, 1890  David Wood and Margaret Doyle
May 28, 1919  Paul Victor Gerner and Ethel M. Knox
May 29, 1917  Elizabeth Ann Meinzen
May 29, 1948  Charles Fredrick Gerner and Josephine L. Nittoli
May 30, 1903  Cecil E. Hashman

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, dear family!


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  1. My goodness May was/is a big month for your family! Break out the cake!

    1. Yes, Michelle, but just think how long the list would be if I had more than just a few generations! So many of these people are cousins and aunts and uncles. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

  2. One of your collaterals and I share a birthday. May is a good month!

    1. Yes, May IS a good month, Wendy. You don't say which day is your birthday so, hoping I haven't missed it, I'll wish you a Happy Birthday now. I hope it's great, whichever day it is.


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