Saturday, October 1, 2016

October Celebrations Among Relatives and Ancestors

Among my farming ancestors this would have been the last month of the harvest and the beginning of colder weather.  How much harder it would have been to keep an infant warm during the fall and winter months than during the late spring and summer.  And harder to wash and dry diapers a century or more ago than now.  I give great credit to those early mothers.  I know they knew nothing of the conveniences we have but not knowing didn't make the work any easier.  They -- and their husbands, too -- probably knew little of leisure time.

Living Relatives
October  6    Adam D.
October  8    Natasha and Jesse D.
October  9    Marsha P.
October  9    Bob and Jan D.
October 12    Hester and Tim Q.
October 15    Max Q.
October 23    Valerie D.

Parents and Grandparents
October 26, 1872    Mary Thompson
October 28, 1845    Elizabeth Jane (Bess) Laws

Among My Collateral Lines
October  1, 1862   George W. Proud
October  2, 1877    Thomas Charles Fletcher
October  2, 1916    Howard Meinzen
October ~3, 1904   Benjamin Hashman
October  3, 1942    Donald Gilbert Gerner and Arlene P. Persing
October ~6, 1806   Jane (Emma (Nelson) Bickerstaff's mother)
October  7, 1886    Charles Edward Sticker
October  7, 1888    Bertha (Birdie, Betty) Meinzen
October  9, 1895    Brendice Kathryn Gerner
October 10, 1864    Jacob Froman
October 11, 1847    Isabella Laws
October 16, 1846    Emma Gerner
October 18, 1870    Gust Froman
October 19, 1893    Hurd Hendrickson Campbell and Mary Ann Doyle
October 20, 1906    Andrew Earl (Andy) Bickerstaff
October 22, 1886    Christian Gerner and Amanda Daubenspeck
October 22, 1897    Elizabeth Meinzen
October 22, 1916    Lucille M. Gerner
October 23, 1873    Alexander Roe
October 27, 1904    Elvira C. Snair or Snare
October 27, 1926    Marian V. Bickerstaff
October 30, 1864    William Turner
October 30, 1948    Andrew Earl Bickerstaff and Iva M. Traichel

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary!


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