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Child #4:  Sophia Kropp Spahn

Sophia is the fourth known child of Carl and Sophia (Meinzen) Kropp.  Sophia Meinzen Kropp may be my great-grandfather Henry Carl Meinzen's sister.

Sophia is the daughter who immigrated on the same ship as her parents when they came to American in September, 1887.

Sophia married John Spahn, Jr., on December 6, 1899, in Steubenville, Ohio.

Extracted information:
Date:  December 5, 1899
Groom:  John Spahn, Jr., 25 years old, resident of Steubenville, Ohio, born Schleghtem, Germany; is a dairyman; parents' names are John Spahn and Anna Zirgel.
Bride:  Sophia Kropp, 23 years old, resident of Steubenville, born Germany; father's name is Karl Kropp, mother's maiden name is Sophia Meinsen.

Record of Marriage Certificate No. 24505
The State of Ohio, Jefferson County, SS
     I hereby certify that on the 6" day of u A. D. 1899, Mr. John Spahn and Miss Sophia Kropp were legally joined in marriage by me, a minister at Steubenville County of Jefferson, and State of Ohio.  Given under my hand this 8" day of Dec. A. D. 1899A. Lange [signature].
The foregoing Certificate was returned and recorded December 8' 1899WMcSMiller [signature] Probate Judge.

Sophia and John's wedding was announced in The Steubenville Daily Gazette on November 23, 1905.  The announcement was on page 5, split into two columns, the bottom of column 4 and the top of column 5.  Sophia's maiden name is misspelled as Krupp.
A quiet but happy wedding was sol-
emnized at the parsonage of the Zion's
Lutheran Church at 4 o'clock Wednes-
day afternoon when Henry Krupp and
Miss Katie Spahn were joined for
life in the holy bonds of matrimony.
Rev. Schaer performed the ceremony.
Mrs. Minnie Shuette, sister of the
groom, and John Spahn, brother ofthe bride, attended the couple.  Imme-
diately following the wedding cere-
mony the bridal party were driven to
the home of John Spahn, in the coun-
try, where an elegant wedding supper
was served.  Only a few relatives and
intimate friends of the couple were
present.  The bride for the past ten
years has resided with her brother,
having come to this country about
ten years ago from Germany.  She has
become quite well known throughout
the country, and has a host of friends
that will wish her much happiness
and prosperity during her married
life.  Mr. Krupp is an enterprising
young farmer, and for several years
has operated a farm a short distance
west of the city.  He is well known in
this city and is highly respected.  The
young couple went to housekeeping at
once on the groom's farm, where they
are now at home to friends.
Sophia is the daughter with whom her parents lived until the time of their deaths.  They appear with her in the 1900 U.S. Census, and her mother appears with her in the 1910 and 1920 U.S. Census.

I have been unable to find a death certificate for Sophia Spahn but Find-A-Grave gives her death year as 1955.  She is buried in Union Cemetery, Steubenville, Ohio.

Observations and Comments

It's great to find a marriage record but I was disappointed not to find Sophia's exact birth date and place of birth.  Her mother's maiden name is spelled "Meinsen," a common variation.

The information in the marriage record and newspaper article do not agree.  The minister who signed the marriage record was A. Lange.  The newspaper notes that Rev. Schaer performed the marriage ceremony.

The newspaper article also talks about Mr. Krupp as "an enterprising young farmer... well known in the city and is highly respected."  I don't know if this is really about Mr. Spahn, Sophie's husband, or Mr. Henry Kropp, her brother.  John Spahn and Henry Kropp were both farmers.

This is an interesting case of siblings marrying siblings.  Sophie Kropp's brother, Henry Kropp, married Katie Spahn who is John Spahn's sister.

I have not researched Sophie and John Spahn's children.  Census records through the years list them; I have just not compiled a list nor performed any searches to find birth, marriage, or death information for them.  It's possible that one of their records could tell me Sophie Meinzen Kropp's birthplace which could lead to further records.  I'm undecided whether to pursue that information.


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