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Map of Mineral Ridge, Ohio, 1910

I thought this 1910 map of Mineral Ridge, Weathersfield Township, Trumbull County, Ohio, was too good not to share.  To see an enlarged view, click on the map.  It will open in a new window and you'll be able to click again to see more detail. 

I enjoyed looking at this map.  Emma Bickerstaff, my maternal grandmother, and her family moved to the Ridge in about 1912 or 1913, soon after this map was published.  She was married in 1914 and she and her husband, W. C. Robert Meinzen, lived in Warren, then moved back to the Ridge in 1924.

I was born about 40 years after this map was published but my memories of the Ridge don't start until the mid-to-late-1950s.  We lived on Furnace Street and my grandmother lived just two doors away.  Further down the street lived Bickerstaff cousins and even further still, a Bickerstaff aunt and uncle, siblings who shared a house. 

Our house, a double, was on the corner of Furnace and Merchant Streets.  When I was a child Merchant street was little more than an alley, but it was great fun because it had a hill.  We laboriously pedaled up the hill then turned our bikes around and sailed back down, pedaling to pick up speed, then coasting to the bottom.  If I went back to see it now it would probably look like a molehill.  On other streets around the Ridge I learned to ride my bike without holding the handlebars.  Surprisingly, I never fell.

Some observations about this map from 40-50 years after it was published:
  • A street or two disappeared.  Maple Street appears to run between my grandparent's and their neighbor's properties in 1910.  When was it removed?  And Pine Street runs between Merchant and Maple Streets.  I don't remember a street with that name.  Was it renamed or removed?
  • A holdover from when the Ridge was a coal mining community, Abandoned Coal RR runs loosely parallel to Main Street and then veers northeast.
  • Many women owned property:  Lizzie Phillips, Ann Gallagher, Mary J. Evans, Anna Price, Mary Fox, Lucy Williams, Mary Ann Sweeney, Sarah Francis, Rebecca Williams, Jr. (yes, "Jr. is attached to her name!), Charlotte Whitney, Mary Jones, Mary Watkins, Kittie Owens, Jane Cunnick, Mary Brown, Hannah Thomas, Katherine Zipf, among others -- women whose names I never knew.
  • There are familiar family names, though, those of families who stayed in the Ridge long after 1910:  Breeze, Knoyer, Garland, Koch, Pugh, Finnegan, Blunt.  Had I been a savvy child, I would have paid attention to the names and what happened to the individuals when my mom and grandmother discussed the old families.
  • The block where "Union School" was located shows a Town Hall on the south side of the block.  I remember an Odd Fellow's Hall near there where my grandmother helped the Rebekahs make and serve sloppy joes to school kids and where they also made and sold doughnuts. 
  • Many of the properties have "O.L" plus a number.  I don't know what that means but when I was little our phone number was OLympic 2-7979.  Could the O.L. stand for Olympic?
  • Many properties on the map have small numbers.  Are they lot sizes in acres and part-acres, or do they signify something else?  I have no idea.

This map will be a delight for family history researchers who have ancestors who lived in Mineral Ridge around 1910.

See the original of this map here (with a free FamilySearch account), where you can enlarge it many times over.  It was originally published in the 1910 Trumbull County, Ohio, Tax Appraisal book.

FamilySearch's Citation for this map.
"Ohio, Trumbull County Records, 1795-2010," images, FamilySearch ( : 22 May 2014), Tax records > Tax appraisements Mineral Ridge 1910 > image 2 of 27; Trumbull County Courthouse, Warren.


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