Thursday, December 1, 2016

December Birthdays & Anniversaries

I think December would have been a hard month to have a newborn baby in the house, especially in the 1800s and early 1900s.  Christmases past may not have been as busy and hectic as they are now but keeping a baby warm in winter's cold and washing and drying diapers couldn't have been easy.

Of the individuals below, Emma Doyle (born 1886) and Hazel Doyle were sisters and Gust Doyle was their brother.  Tressa Hazel Doyle was Gust Doyle's daughter.  It was a busy month for the Doyles!

Living Relatives
December 25   Marty A.
December   4   Donald E. Davis

Direct Ancestors
December 19, 1911   Gust Doyle and Beulah Mae Gerner (my paternal grandparents)

Among My Collateral Lines
December   2, 1884   Emma Doyle
December   4, 1862   Susan Bickerstaff
December   6, 1924   William "Billy Joe" Gerner
December   9, 1891   Hazel Doyle
December 11, 1839   Eli Porter
December 12, 1900   Minnie Froman
December 15, 1875   Laura V. Thompson
December 15, 1893   Jacob Increase Meinzen
December 18, 1921   Tressa Hazel Doyle
December 19, 1872   John George Armitage
December 22, 1832   (Westley?) Scott Roe
December 24, 1871   Thomas Hardy and Ann Armitage
December 24, 1915   John Ellis Bickerstaff and Alice May Bickerstaff
December 25, 1886   Emma Doyle
December 25, 1888   William Turner and Catherine Froman
December 26, 1911   Charles Edward Sticker and Lula Bernesa Meinzen
December 27, 1896   Henry Carl Meinzen and Ella Dray
December 27, 1927   Pauline Mary (Polly) Meinzen
December 30, 1864   Elizabeth Jane Doyle

I'm offering warmest wishes to these relatives and ancestors on their special days.


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