Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Highs of 2017 - Most-Read Posts on My Ancestors and Me

I always find it interesting to see which posts generate the most interest during a year, or at least which ones were viewed the most, and am sometimes surprised by which were popular.  Based on Blogger's numbers, below is the list of most viewed posts of 2017 on My Ancestors and Me.  This is a little blog with few followers and readers so I didn't note number of views for each of the posts.  The ten posts are listed from least viewed to most viewed.  If you missed any of the posts and would like to read them, click the link.

10.  The Expectations and Surprises of a Beginning Family History Researcher
Remember when you started researching your family?  Remember what you expected you might find -- and then what you actually found?  This posts lists my experiences.

  9.  Presidents and Generations - SNGF 
This was a Saturday Night Genealogy Fun post in which we noted how many men served as presidents during our own lifetimes and the lifetimes of some of our ancestors.  To date I've lived through 13 presidents; one of my ancestors lived through 23.  How about you?

  8.  Mrs. Titus on a Windy Day
This is the second photo of an attractive lady. 

  7.  Research Results Based on Hints in an Obituary 
The obituary listed so many helpful hints that I had to make note of each and then follow the leads.  Read what I found.

  6.  Jefferson County Court Records at FamilySearch 
Who knew Jefferson County, Ohio, had so many people/family historians interested in its historic court records?

  5.  Alternate Spelling Finder  
There may be more ways to spell your ancestors' surnames that you realized.

  4.  Mrs. Titus - Friday's Faces From the Past
This is the first time we saw Mrs. Titus, a friend of my maternal grandmother.  Don't we all love a great old photo?

  3.  What You Need to Know Before Looking at Digital Images of Microfilms at a Family History Center
I wish I'd known these things before going to a Family History Center this year.  They would have saved me a lot of time.

  2.  Happy New Year 2017 
Just a beautiful postcard with a New Year greeting.  Who knows why it was the second most popular post in 2017!

  1.  A Touch of Mytreeitis  (The most popular post of the year)
Be honest.  If you use FamilySearch's Family Tree, haven't you sometimes had a touch of mytreeitis?  Maybe you occasionally find yourself thinking, "Get your hands off my tree!  Don't mess with my ancestors."  Let's talk about mytreeitis.

My personal favorite post this year is Done Is Better Than Perfect.  Making the decision to cite citations in my RootsMagic program as well as I can, whether perfect or not, has made all the difference in my success in recording the sources that document the lives of my ancestors.

Thanks for visiting and reading this blog, and if you leave a comment, thank you again.


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Graphic courtesy of Sam Churchill at Flickr under a Creative Commons license


  1. I wish you a happy, healthy New Year and many fun hours of blogging.

    1. Thank you so much, Linda. I wish the same for you!

  2. Nancy, your "mytreeitis" blog sums up why I don't have a tree on FamSearch. Mine is on Ancestry because nobody can get their mits on it. They can copy it, but they can't change it. Period. Happy new year to you and happy ancestor hunting too!

    1. I probably wouldn't have a tree on FamilySearch if I didn't need to. My own personal tree is on my RootsMagic where I keep sources and notes for my people.

      Happy New Year to you, Marian, and thanks for the happy ancestor hunting wish.

  3. It’s fun to look back at our posts and see which ones were most viewed. It’s also an inspiration for the coming year. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I agree, Diane. I don't notice much on a day to day basis, but when I look at the end of the year, I'm sometimes surprised at which posts people viewed. Happy New Year to you.

  4. Nancy, I just noticed your "Live Traffic Feed" and see that I'm writing from Lowell, MA. Goodness, if I had that, I'd always be looking. Oh well, moving.

    I want to wish you a Happy New Year, and tell you how glad you are still writing, as I remember the days you almost stopped. Don't ever stop. You mentioned in a comment above, that you keep your personal tree on RM. Hum, I didn't know you could do that. That is my software, and I always put a gedcom on RootsWeb so it was viable to all (and of course, I'm stuck now, since it isn't working). I'll have to check into RM, so thanks.

    1. Hi, Barbara. If I had lots of visitors to my blog and the live traffic feed kept scrolling I might be tempted to check it often.

      Maybe I didn't say what I do clearly enough. I use my RootsMagic program for my real tree, which is not available except to me on my home computer, unless I choose to share via a flashdrive with someone else who also has RM or with a gedcom. I suppose one could consider it the ultimate in a private tree?

      I hope you have a Happy New Year, too, Barbara.

    2. Thanks for the clarification. I do the same with my RM, but also gedcom it to RootsWeb.

    3. I should have written a little more clearly to begin with, Barbara. Probably many who are very careful with their trees do the same thing we do.


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