Sunday, April 22, 2018

FamilySearch's Family History Calendar

I received an email from FamilySearch today telling me they had created a calendar of my ancestors' special events.

I've occasionally celebrated births and marriages on my blog in past years but not recently.  I decided to see what my calendar looked like.  I had to sign in to FamilySearch to see it.

The calendar has the month on the left, then the date, and to the right is the event and ancestor's name.

My great-great-grandfather, Dixon Bartley, died today in 1900.  He was in his late 90s but since I don't have an exact birth date, I can't be sure.  And in two days, my great-grandparents, Henry and Elizabeth (Armitage) Meinzen, will celebrate their anniversary -- 148 years, if they were still alive.

I don't know about you but I'm not sure how I feel about celebrating a death, at least certainly not like a birthday or marriage.  But I think it's probably a great way to remember an ancestor, especially if you don't have a birth date.

I can imagine that this list could become cumbersome and totally overwhelming if you have many, many ancestors and many generations linked in your FamilySearch Family Tree but for me, with only a few generations, it's a great help!

I expect you, too, will receive an email invitation to see your calendar if you have a FamilySearch account and have ancestors in your tree.  FamilySearch also offers a Calendar of Ancestral Moments.


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  1. This is a nice feature that would save me time. In my program, I could generate a report separately by event, so it would require multiple steps to gather all the milestones for the day.

  2. My program is like yours, Wendy. I agree, this new FS feature is great. Depending on how often one looks at it, it keeps our ancestors in our minds.


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